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Ethereum Classic Price Prediction 2023, 2025, 2027, and 2030: Will ETC surpass $100 again?

Ethereum Classic is the result of Ethereum’s hard fork that took place in 2016. The native token of the blockchain network is ETC. This makes Ethereum Classic have the same use cases as Ethereum, such as a smart contract platform and powering the network, among other things. In our Ethereum Classic’s price prediction, we will discuss the prospects of the coin and its behavior in the future.

A lot of people disagree about how the Ethereum Classic came to be. The Ethereum DAO hack that happened in 2016 served as the inspiration for Ethereum’s hard fork. Due to this incident, DAO investors lost more than 11 million ETH ($50 million at the time). Once the stolen tokens were discovered, there was a heated argument about how to handle the fallout in the Ethereum community.

The Ethereum network has gained more appreciation than Ethereum Classic. However, Ethereum Classic has had its own share of success too. Before Ethereum’s merger, Ethereum Classic had lower transaction fees. The coin suffered a massive attack in 2020. There was a recovery in 2021 which brought the coin back under the spotlight. Let’s understand more about the coin. Here is Ethereum Classic’s price prediction.

Ethereum Classic (ETC): An overview

Blockchain technology, or any technological advancement, takes years of strategizing, planning, and experimenting. Ethereum Classic is one such advancement that exceeded the expectations of Ethereum. Forked in 2016, ETC resolved all the problems of security and lowered the gas cost too. Above all, Ethereum Classic is known for its lightning-fast speed.

Many factors are at play in Ethereum Classic’s success. There are also specialists involved in the price analysis of rates and the execution of transactions online. The coin is capable of constructing a functional dynamic of tangible income. After Bitcoin, Ethereum was something that garnered huge accolades owing to its cutting-edge technology. Ethereum Classic reaped the goodwill of Ethereum and gained a good reputation in the market.

All cryptocurrency investors, who have found this platform to be incredibly interactive and simple, will be disappointed by the price of Ethereum prediction. It has been said that gold is a better investment than Ethereum Classic right now. Currently, the price of Ethereum Classic is around $20, and this page also includes price predictions that may be useful.

Ethereum Classic price prediction 2023

Due to the recent bullish trend, ETC has been experiencing, investors in Ethereum Classic have seen bearish momentum. We anticipate that the coin will experience a brief rally that will soon give way to a correction based on an analysis of the technical indicators for ETC.

Here is the Ethereum Classic’s price prediction for 2023. These predictions are meant to give you a general idea of how much Ethereum Classic will cost in the next hour, today, tomorrow, over the course of the following week, and over the course of the following month.

As per the chart, the coin registered a high recovery in 2021. This helped in a complete recovery from the 2020 event that hampered ETC’s goodwill in the market. Despite performing heroically in 2021, the next year wasn’t that generous for the traders. In 2022, the coin slipped to $20. The entire year kept hovering around the same. The bearish season in the crypto market has changed many things in the past. However, the coming period for the coin seems promising. In 2023, the coin opened at around $15. The improvements since then have been registered. Today, the price is at $20, where SMA 200 and SMA 50 are about to collide. The RSI is also indicating a bearish divergence. If we closely look at the chart, there has been a falling wedge pattern since 2022. However, now the price seems to have broken the wedge and started a new trend.

Ethereum Classic price prediction 2024

Our algorithm predicts that Ethereum Classic can reach a maximum price of $62.24 in 2024 while the average price for the year will remain at or near $55.57 as long as it keeps setting new highs. ETC’s lowest possible price in 2024, in the event of a bear market, is $48.90.

Ethereum Classic price prediction 2025

As cryptocurrencies gain popularity across a wide range of industries in 2025, we anticipate Ethereum Classic to experience impressive growth. The price could therefore increase to $84.47, averaging around $77.80. Ethereum Classic may trade for as low as $71.13.

Ethereum Classic price prediction 2026 

In 2026, Ethereum Classic may trade between $100.03 and $106.70 as a result of the market for cryptocurrencies’ capital continuing to expand. If a sell-off occurs, $93.36 would be the lowest price we would expect.

Ethereum Classic price prediction 2027

The adoption of ETC by nations around the world suggests that the price of Ethereum Classic could reach a maximum of $128.93 by 2027, with an average price of $122.26 anticipated. Additionally, the base cost for the same year could be $115.59.

Ethereum Classic price prediction 2028

Ethereum Classic adoption will increase in 2028 as regulators begin to acknowledge that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. By 2028, investors might expect ETC to trade at a maximum price of $151.16 and a minimum price of $137.82. It is anticipated that in 2028, the average price will be $144.49.

Ethereum Classic price prediction 2029

Due to the growth over the previous five years, 2029 will see another significant bull, which could cause Ethereum Classic investors to see ETC reach a maximum price of $173.39 before averaging out at $166.72. According to our technical analysis, the lowest price is $160.05.

Ethereum Classic price prediction 2030

According to market sentiment, ETC is anticipated to keep rising towards $195.62 in 2030. If this support is not established, Ethereum Classic could average around $188.95 and bottom out at $182.28.


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