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LCM Technology PTE Announces Launch of LocaGo on The Open Network (TON) via Telegram

LCM Technology PTE is excited to announce the strategic launch of LocaGo on The Open Network (TON) platform through Telegram. This move marks a significant step in LocaGo’s strategy to engage with the Telegram community and expand its presence on the TON platform.

LocaGo’s Strategic Expansion

Currently available on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), LocaGo plans to extend its platform to TON by December, catering to the vibrant Telegram community. This expansion aligns with LocaGo’s mission to reconnect people with real-world locations.

Mission and Goals

In line with its overarching vision, LocaGo is set to redefine how people connect with their surroundings and engage with businesses globally. Here’s a closer look at LocaGo’s core mission and ambitious goals:

  • Mission: LocaGo aims to reconnect people with real-world locations, fostering a deeper sense of community and exploration.
  • Goals: The company aims to reach 30 million users across 50 countries and connect and promote 100,000 businesses worldwide. This will be achieved through fun, simple daily tasks such as tapping on brand logos, liking and sharing fan pages, watching corporate videos, and rating and commenting on businesses.

User Engagement and Business Promotion

LocaGo offers users simple, enjoyable tasks like tapping on brand logos, liking and sharing fan pages, watching corporate videos, and rating and commenting on businesses. These activities not only enhance user engagement but also provide valuable promotional opportunities for businesses.

Mini App Success and User Benefits

Following the success of Mini apps like NOTCoin and Hamster Kombat, LocaGo Mini App is expected to achieve similar triumphs. Players will benefit significantly as LocaGo commits to using 60% of its token issuance to reward users, targeting 30 million users within five months and supporting 100,000 businesses with point-of-sale locations.

Campaign Details

The campaign will run from July 1 to December 31, offering larger rewards for those who accumulate more coins. The total prize pool consists of 8,6 billion LCG tokens, which will be listed on Coinstore with an initial price of $0.01. The projected total prize value is approximately $86 million.


LCM Technology PTE’s launch of LocaGo on TON via Telegram is a strategic move to expand its user base and provide significant promotional opportunities for businesses. With engaging daily tasks and substantial rewards, LocaGo aims to achieve remarkable success and user benefits, further solidifying its position in the crypto and blockchain ecosystem.

LCM Technology PTE. LT

Address: 68 Upper Serangoon View #11-24 Kingsford Waterbay Singapore
Email: [email protected]
CEO: Berek Nowak
Website: https://locago.tech/


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